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Brick putreach building with landscape and sidewalk in front
Brick putreach building with landscape and sidewalk in front


Telemedicine has emerged as a groundbreaking solution to bridge the gap between patients and medical professionals. Starting as a school-based program for Parker County schools in 2018 telemedicine has rapidly evolved into a powerful tool now utilized by local nonprofits and government organizations, revolutionizing the way healthcare is delivered across Parker County.

The recognition of telemedicine's potential in breaking barriers to healthcare access has been swift among nonprofits and government entities in Parker County. By embracing this innovative technology, these organizations have been able to enhance their services and bring medical care to employees, underserved communities, and even remote areas with limited access to traditional healthcare facilities.


At the heart of the telemedicine program in Parker County are the school-based sites. These sites offer on-site medical care at each campus, catering to the healthcare needs of students and staff alike. By leveraging the expertise of local healthcare providers working remotely, telemedicine has brought medical consultations, diagnostics, and treatments right to the school campuses, effectively extending quality healthcare services across multiple educational institutions.

The impact of the telemedicine program on the students and staff in Parker County Schools has been profound. Through this initiative, students and staff gained convenient access to medical consultations and treatments without the need to leave their campuses. This not only ensured timely care for various health conditions but also proved highly effective in reducing the need for expensive medical care and unnecessary Emergency Room visits.


Cold and Flu-like symptoms

Allergy symptoms


Sore Throat

Eye redness

Minor abdominal and GI complaints, such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea

Rash or skin infection


The program also incorporates access to diagnostic procedures like SOPHIA and CEPHEID, allowing for quick and accurate testing for streptococcal infections, COVID-19, flu, and other respiratory illnesses. Rapid and reliable testing played a crucial role in timely identification and containment of communicable diseases, ensuring the well-being of the entire school community.


Beyond the school-based sites, the telemedicine initiative extended its reach further with the establishment of an on-site location at 1115 Pecan Drive in Weatherford. This remote site serves partnering non-profit and government organizations.

As telemedicine continues to evolve, the integration of advanced technologies and remote monitoring devices holds the promise of even greater potential for the future. The success of the telemedicine program in schools and its expansion to nonprofits and government organizations at the on-site clinic is a testament to the scalability and versatility of this innovative healthcare model. By embracing telemedicine, Parker County is paving the way for a more accessible, efficient, and patient-centered healthcare system.


We are excited to provide excellent medical care for you. We partner with Simple Interact (see below for FAQs), a completely secure and comprehensive forms service. Here is what to expect before your visit:

Before your first visit, you will receive a New Patient Forms Request after booking your New Patient appt. Please complete these forms as soon possible. We can start prepping your chart ahead of time to make your visit as smooth as possible.

If you are a returning patient, you will receive a Digital Check-in Request. Please complete this as soon as possible. We can start prepping your chart ahead of time to make your visit as smooth as possible.

If you are a returning patient but have a new problem, you will receive a request to complete problem-specific questions, please complete this as soon as possible. We can start prepping your chart ahead of time to make your visit as smooth as possible.

What items will you need to bring with you?

1. Driver’s License or Photo ID

2. Insurance Card

If you have not received the forms, make sure that you have an appointment booked. Please call our office at 817-458-3335. If you do have an appointment

booked, but have not received the forms request, please call our office at 817-458-3335. Please help us make your experience as efficient as possible!